Happy Friday! It's the last day of my 5 Days of holiday DIY's...

Here's a recap of this week if you missed anything:

Day 1: Branchlers + free printables
Day 2: Quick + easy tree ornaments
Day 3: No sew sweater stocking
Day 4: 1 minute mini wreath and DIY garland

Today I'm sharing how I made this JOY chalkboard for $0 using materials I had on hand:

I had a few of these wood panels lying around in the garage (not entirely sure what their purpose was but I knew I could make it into something fun).

Aiming for a shabby look, I gave it a quick sanding expose some of the wood underneath with my Mouse (one of my favorite things from 2014):

Instead of painting the inside, I thought it would be neat to turn it into a chalkboard so I could switch it up if needed. I found a simple chalkboard paint recipe online—2 tbsp of unsanded grout (mixed with water) and 1 cup of paint (I used leftover Valspar paint in eggshell). I actually just eyeballed the measurements—I only needed a tiny bit.

Because there's grout in it, this stuff takes a very long time to dry. Around an hour for a thick coat—I gave it three coats since I had a lot of extra paint.

For the "O", I made another 1 minute mini wreath and secured it with a small clear command hook, then freehanded the J and Y in chalk. And that's it—such an easy project!

You could use any board you have lying around for this, or add trim around the edges for a framed look. A very inexpensive project even if you're starting from scratch, and it really livens up any space.

And that's a wrap for my 5 Days of Holiday DIY's! I hope you were able to take away some new ideas and inspiration to use in your own home this year or in seasons to come. Next year I'll definitely get started earlier so I don't have to cram it all into one weekend :)

We'll be spending the next week enjoying time with family, but I'll be back before the new year to reveal plans for our next renovation—I can't wait to share what's in store! In the meantime, let's keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram!

Happy holidays to you and your family from Brad, Jenna, Susie & Biscuit,